Fighting over the trench (promo)

Boko Haram has been committing indiscriminate, mass attacks in Nigeria for ten years, but its true obsession is called Maiduguri. The Borno State capital is entrenched. Daily life is busy, but everything changes at nightfall, under curfew.

The bokos attack the trench in a desperate attempt to enter the city at all costs. The army is not alone in the forgotten war: militia groups fight beside them on the front.

The atrocity of the terrorists, who do not hesitate in decapitating their victims to terrorise the population, finds a response in the armed forces who retaliate against innocent citizens and sow the battlefield with unidentified graves, according to Amnesty International. Both sides face each other in the Maiduguri strip: one protects and the other attacks the trench unrelentingly.


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